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Memedia announced the first SkyPBX solution in the world     

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    Memedia Communication, the leading VoIP solution provider based on Houston,TX, announced today, TheSkyPBX, a revolutionary product that allows office workers to use their existing PBX phones to call and to receive Skype calls without touch PC anymore and it’s absolutely free for world-wide Skype to Skype calls. The SkyPBX integrates seamlessly Skype services, including Skyper/SkypeOut/SkypeIn, into traditional PBX system and retains all features of traditional PBX system, such as IVR, Call Recording, Call Conferencing, Call Transfer, Call Forwarding, etc. The SkyPBX allows your company with a single corporate Skype account as a hunt group and multiple Skype channels to connect to PBX system for simultaneous Skype calls. Integrated account and humanistic Phone Book make your central management more convenient, efficient and no more security concerned.
    Outstanding features include:
    - Seamless integration of Skype services into corporate existing PBX system;
    - Use existing PBX telephone sets to send and to receive Skype calls;
    - Absolutely free world-wide Skype-to-Skype calls from PBX telephone sets;
    - Multiple Skype channels connected to PBX system for simultaneous Skype
    - A single corporate Skype account as a hunt group with auto-call distribution
    for all incoming Skype calls;
    - SkyBook with extended digits for Skype Phone Book to address world-wide
    - Convenient SkypeOut calls from PBX telephone sets;
    - Integrated SkypeOut account management;
    - Advanced telephony features for Skype such as IVR, Call Recording, Call
    Conferencing, Call Transfer, Call Forwarding, etc. are available with PBX

    Full features of Skype server managements:

    1. Line status monitoring
    2. Event management
    3. Call log management
    4. Statistics for network planning

    -No more Skype security concerns because no PCs are used on desktop for
    Skype services; SkypeOut, SkypeIn, and SkyPBX are controlled centrally.
    The SkyPBX is available immediately for mass production. The world-wide
    reseller/distributors, with rich experiences in sales and technical capabilities of PBX, IP-PBX, IP-Phone, VoIP Gateway etc, are welcomed. Exclusive distributor in each country is preferred. If you are interested in this product and would like to have more information, please write to

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